Discover the Green Capital!

This city, almost a thousand years old, founded in 1181 by King Sancho VI of Navarre, still shows the almond-shaped outline of the medieval town. Today it is possible to admire the impressive legacy of its historical past, including the 13th-century Cathedral of Santa María, the 11th-century town wall and its many Renaissance mansions, Baroque homes and Gothic churches.

It is a green city that is a pleasure to walk around, admiring its architecture, its viewpoints and its parks, which are the essence of the city.

If you are interested in taking a guided tour or excursion, ask at reception.

On the Municipal Tourist Office website there is up-to-date information on routes, guided tours, events, leaflets... Everything you need to make the most of your visit.


Vitoria-Gasteiz hosts many top national and international events… here there is something for everyone!

Martin Fiz Marathon

10 May

Kaldearte · Street Arts

June 2020


15-28 June

Azkena Rock

17-19 June


11 July


15-18 July

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Old Quarter

The medieval town


It is still possible to see the almond-shaped medieval outline of the town founded over eight hundred years ago by Sancho the Wise. It is sited on a hill crowned by the Cathedral of Santa María. Its streets, which still bear the names of the trades which were once found there (iron workers, shoemakers, knife-makers, dyers…), still have dozens of fine old buildings. There are churches, mansions and tower houses to be discovered here.

Old Cathedral

Cathedral of Santa María


At the top of the town is the oldest part of the city, and here is a UNESCO World Heritage Gothic cathedral. Built in the 13th-century, it is currently being restored, and this restoration project has been visited by thousands of people.

Green Ring

Walking and biking routes


The green ring is a circle of green spaces, many of them restored, around the city. The ring links some fascinating spots: attractive areas of high ecological value. The ring includes six large parks and almost 80 km of marked paths for walkers and cyclists. You can reach it easily from any part of the city.

Food & drink

Pintxos and restaurants


Vitoria-Gasteiz has many quality options when it comes to eating and drinking. You can try some pintxos –the Basque tapas–, and enjoy their variety of flavours, textures and colours accompanied by an excellent Rioja Alavesa wine. Or if you prefer, have a leisurely meal at one of the many restaurants that offer quality and diversity at an attractive price.

Palacio Europa

Conferences and exhibitions


The Palacio Europa Centre is a spacious, modern, versatile and comfortable building, which can take up to 20 groups at a time, and has capacity for 5,700 people. This unique building, which has plants integrated into its façade, makes it an outstanding example of sustainable architecture.

And much more...

Museum of Fine Art

Museum of Natural Sciences

Armory Museum

Lamp Museum

Montehermoso Cultural Centre

Historic Mansion houses

BIBAT Museum

Artium Contemporary Art Museum

Museum of Religious Art

Medieval town wall